Friday, August 7, 2009

20 Questions Tag

I've been tagged to answer 20 questions!

Zebra Print Purse1. One thing you cannot leave the house without?
My purse... does that count? I guess if I really had to choose just one thing it would be my keys so I could get back in haha

Eve Pearl Makeup2. Favorite brand of makeup?
That is a really hard one because I don't use just one brand. I find the best products no matter what brand they are and just because one brand is good at making one thing doesn't mean they're good at making others. If I could only use one brand for the rest of my life I think I would go with Bare Escentuals or Eve Pearl.

Calla Lily3. Favorite Flower?
Lilies! Calla Lilies and Tiger Lilies are tied as my favorite. I really like any lilies and I also like mini roses.

Forever 214. Favorite Clothing Store?
Forever 21 because they have tons of cute clothes and their clothes are small enough for me to wear. It's really hard to find clothes in my size.

Coconut Vanille5. Favorite Perfume?
I have an old bottle of a scent called Caribbean Vanilla that isn't made anymore. It reminds me of the island I grew up going to because it smells like a mix between the salty ocean and the sweet snow cones that we used to eat. My second favorite is Bath & Body Works
Ile de Tahiti Coconut Vanille.

Wedge Heels6. Heels for flats?
Definitely heels. I rarely wear flats because I have super high arches and they hurt my feet.

Grade A7. Do you make good grades?
Yes, I am usually an A student. I'm trying to finish a B.S. right now and hope to be accepted into graduate school within the next year.

Turquoise8. What are you favorite colors?
Any shade of turquoise or teal and black. I also like red and blue. I'm really big into color so it's hard to choose one or two colors.

Red Bull9. Do you drink energy drinks?
Absolutely not! They're horrible for the kidneys. Even the ones that are primarily B vitamins, people don't realize that certain kinds of B vitamins will pass the excess through your body but others can have excess that build up and negatively effect your health.

Grapefruit Juice10. Do you drink juice?
Yes, I love juice. I usually drink 100% juice not the 10% "juice" drinks. Grapefruit is my favorite but I like all kinds.

Pool11. Do you like swimming?
It's okay, I don't like cold water and used to be a competitive swimmer for a long time so it's lost a lot of its fun factor.

Fries12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
I'm all fingers... I like licking the salt off of my fingers too, I'm a total saltaholic. I'm trying to cut down but it's hard!

Olay All Day Complete Moisturizer13. Favorite moisturizer?
Olay all day complete for sensitive skin. It's the only moisturizer I can use without breaking out. I have a blog post about moisturizer.

Wedding Rings14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
Later on? How about now ;) I'm not too young to get married.

Angry Cat15. Do you get mad easily?
Not anymore... life is too short to spend all of your time being angry about everything. I brush most things off now.

Ghost16. Are you into Ghost Hunting?
No, but I used to love haunted houses when I was younger. Actual haunted houses, not the theme park types.

Steep Stairs17. Any phobias?
Very steep inclines... I'm not scared of heights, but I'm scared of falling down things like stairs and really steep hills. I've fallen down stairs several times.

Biting Nails18. Do you bite your nails?
Not usually, I carry clippers with me. Sometimes I bite the skin around my nails but I've really cut down on doing that.

Person Leaving Body19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
Several. That would be a whole other story.

Coffee20. Do you drink coffee?
Only decaf soy espresso drinks. I don't drink caffeine or lactose and regular drip coffee is too hard on my stomach.

I tag TiffanyD, RenRen, Emily, Christine (Temptalia) and SoRo

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