Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello, Lovelies. Just an Update

I haven't posted anything in a few days, but I have good reasons!

First of all, I took the day off Saturday. I mean completely off, I wasn't blogging or emailing or finishing contracts. I went to lunch, the MAC store and a couple other stores with my friend and it was a lot of fun. Okay, I worked a little. I ended up putting all of the eye shadows I depotted Friday night into a MAC palette that I removed the tray from. It fit all 29 eye shadows from the Ulta 52 blockbuster plus 4 coastal scents hot pots. Tutorial on how to depot with pictures coming soon!

Sunday I did makeup for a photo shoot for head shots with 2 lovely ladies. One is an up and coming model and the other has experience doing catalog work. They both photographed so well, I will have pictures coming soon.

I always have meetings all day Monday, plus I started a forensic psychology class that will last until the middle of August. It is a very interesting class.... disturbing too from the true stories haha. If you don't know what forensic psychology is, it's psychology pertaining to the law which includes evaluating peoples' competence to stand trial, being a therapist in a prison, etc.

Unfortunately I'm going to miss the shoot at the studio that I wanted to do today because I'm working in another city, which I'm really bummed about.

These are the articles I have coming up:
  • How to depot eyeshadows and place them into palettes
  • How to repair broken eyeshadows and blushes
Then I will go back to the series of articles all about one specific type of makeup item to build from the foundation up.

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