Monday, June 22, 2009

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is a fairly popular product known for giving sheer to medium coverage. Most average users cannot get full coverage with this product because it is not applied properly. Which type of foundation and products to use are personal preference, there is no one single type of foundation that is considered better than others. All foundation should always be set with setting powder.

Application Methods
  • Fingers - This method is used by people in a hurry, who do not own tools or do not need much coverage. It usually gives sheer coverage, but can give medium coverage.

  • Cosmetic SpongeCosmetic Sponge - This method wastes a lot of product because the liquid is absorbed by the sponge. It also gives sheer coverage. If this is your desired look, make sure to wet the sponge before to avoid too much makeup absorption. Wet the sponge well, apply a little makeup to the sponge and wipe it on your face until you have even coverage blended together.

  • Foundation BrushFoundation Brush - This is a good method for medium to fuller coverage, especially with thicker formulas. Without experience too much product may be applied, it just takes a little practice. This is the most common method used by makeup artists. These brushes can now be found in certain drug stores as consumers are starting to learn more about makeup application. Apply a small amount of foundation to the back of your hand or a palette and work on one area of the face at a time. Get a little product on the brush and brush it onto the skin until you have even coverage and it is blended. You can built foundation this way to fuller coverage, so if the initial application is too sheer don't worry. Just add more product.

  • Stippling BrushStippling - A stippling brush is another type of foundation brush that has a blunt end. To use the stippling brush, pour a little liquid foundation onto the back of your hand or a palette. Very lightly tap the ends of the bristles onto the liquid so that there are small drops on the end. Do this very lightly, it is easy to over-apply the foundation. Lightly tap it onto the skin without dragging it or swirling it on the skin. Dab over and over to fill in one area of the face at a time and continue until the entire face is covered. This is also a method where coverage can be built up by layers. This will give an airbrush-like full coverage. If you want to reduce the coverage to medium, swirl the brush after tapping. This is my favorite method.

  • Airbrush GunAirbrush - Any liquid foundation can be mixed with airbrush makeup medium to be used in an airbrush system. Special airbrush foundation is also available in different formulas, just like any other liquid foundation. These systems cost a considerable amount for the average consumer and is normally used by professional makeup artists. It gives full coverage by using only 2-8 drops of foundation for the entire face, will last for over 12 hours, and is water and rub proof.
Suggested Products

Revlon Colorstay FoundationBest Long Lasting, Full Coverage Liquid Foundation: Revlon Colorstay with SoftFlex for Combination/Oily Skin
  • Oil free
  • Controls oil
  • Lasts for 16 hours
  • Will not rub off with normal use
  • Lightweight with full coverage
  • Stippling method is really recommended for this foundation to get an airbrushed look finish with full coverage
  • Very little product goes a long way applying this with a stippling brush
  • $13 / 1 oz at most drug stores
Laura Mercier FoundationBest High End Liquid Foundation: Laura Mercier Oil Free or Moisturizing Foundation
  • Blends into the skin for a flawless finish
  • Lightweight formula
  • Coverage can be built up through layering
  • Can be applied evenly with fingers
  • Long Wearing
  • $41 / 1 oz at department stores

Maybelline Pure MakeupBest Thick Formula for Acne Prone Skin: Maybelline New York Pure Makeup
  • Oil Free
  • 50% Water
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Thick formula for those who prefer it
  • Can be thinned with moisturizer for a dewy or more sheer look
  • $5 / 1 oz at most drug stores or Ulta
MAC Studio FixIndustry Standard: MAC Studio Fix
  • Commonly used by professional makeup artists
  • Long lasting
  • Matte finish
  • Oil free
  • May cause breakouts in certain individuals
  • Contains SPF (cannot be used with flash photography)
  • $26 / 1 0z at MAC stores, counters and online


  1. can m.a.c liquid foundation be used wet method? means using wet sponge?

  2. Yes, you should wet a cosmetic sponge and squeeze the water out to get an even wet application. This will be more sheer than a normal application. If you want more coverage but the natural blending of a wet application, try using a dry brush to apply it. Then once it is almost set wet and squeeze out a cosmetic sponge, and dab it all over the face. The sponge should only be slightly damp and shouldn't have enough water to melt or move any of the foundation. That is my preferred method.